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How To use Social AI App


Download the app from App Stores, create an account. 

On the app:

  • Go to Help Page
  • Select Load Custom Model
  • Insert the ID retrieve from the model upload
    (See Step 2)
  • Try and Enjoy!

If you face any issues you can contact us using Support page on the app or email us to

Step 1 - How To Export Model

From Colab/Jupiter or your machine:

!pip install tensorflowjs
!mkdir foldername
!tensorflowjs_converter –input_format keras filename_of_chekcpoint.h5 foldername/

This will generate a zip file with JSON and bin files inside.

Step 2 - How to Upload Model

Access to the following page (coming soon) and fill the bellow information:

  • 3.1 Model Information
    Set Model Name, Description and Version.
    From exported model, select zip file and upload into platform.
  • 3.2 Model Inputs
    • Input Type
    • Tensor 3D 
    • Input Shape Width /Height
    • Expand Dimension (Default 0)
    • Scalar Offset (Default 255)
    • Scalar Normalize (Default 1)
  • 3.3 Model Outputs
    • Output Type List/Array or Object
      • Output Labels
      • (Out.Type – ARRAY = [”,”,”] )
        (Out.Type – OBJECT = class:string,probability:number )